About us

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in our company! My name is Ezekiel and our brand is MIjestic. Let's get you caught up on how MIjestic came to life. My wife and I are homegrown Michiganders, with countless memories of Michigan travel behind us. Our love for this beautiful state and the endless adventures it holds is unsurpassed. Up until we bought our home on the Pine River and joined the Healthy Pine River Group, we went about our travels, unknowing of the health issues many of Michigan's rivers are facing. It opened our eyes to a new perspective, a new level of love and care for the state we cherish. So we reached out to the Michigan people during our travels and simply asked them about what they do to help preserve Michigan. Most the answers we got were, "I don't know," or "Nothing really." So we asked them if they were aware of any associations or foundations that can be donated to, to help protect and preserve Michigan nature. The answers were an astounding, "No." We didn't find these answers too surprising, since our answers would have been merely the same before looking behind the scenes. So we made it our mission to start a brand that every truly proud Michigander could have in common and all of us together, during our explorations, can bring awareness to the importance of doing our part in caring for Michigan!

MIjestic is a trendy, modern brand, that is solely Inspired by Michigan, For Michigan! We strongly encourage our followers to seek Michigan's naturally photogenic hidden gems and appreciate them in person! It's easy to say that none of us can doubt Michigan's beauty. When you see it, you just know. Which is why our goal is to bring awareness to the fact that Michigan isn't just a playground for us nature enthusiasts to carelessly enjoy... it is our backyard, our home... our responsibility to help care for and encourage others to do the same... With every purchase you help preserve majestic Michigan! A portion of ALL SALES is donated to the Michigan Nature Association, which works to preserve, protect and acquire majestic Michigan's natural treasures. MIjestic is a brand that makes you feel good, makes you proud to show off. A brand that you're proud to support and comfortable doing so! Our mission is never ending!

We hope you enjoyed hearing a little about us and we're ecstatic to have you join us! Thanks again for your support!